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How can insurance companies encourage young people to pay attention to potential risks in their lives?

Case study Raiffeisen Bank

Together with Raiffeisen Versicherung, we have established two tailor-made solutions for addressing young customers. These introduce a more playful way for customers in this group to recognise the risks that come with their lifestyle, as well as to estimate the consequential costs of their actions.

Finnoconsult support

Finnoconsult successfully supported the project in the following areas:

  • Project management
  • SCRUM Product Owner
  • Design of user experience
  • Web app development and testing


Raiffeisen Versicherung has very few customers below the age of 30 due to the fact that more young people believe that nothing will ever happen to them. Traditional sales strategies are of no use here. What Raiffeisen Versicherung needed was a new tool to achieve better results in this age group. Young people also had to be made aware of the risks they faced.


Together with Raiffeisen Versicherung, we established two tailor-made solutions:

Wheel of fortune

The customer states their age, hobbies and living situation. The slot machine then shows them a 6-second video of a loss event that matches their lifestyle. They then have to estimate the loss amount. They find out how much insurance costs and how much it would cover. This allows the customer to see that having insurance is the cheaper option and they can then take out a policy straight away.

Game of life Raiffeisen bank

Like in a quiz, the customer selects their marital status and profession, their income, means of transport used and sports activities. The programme then shows them a brief video featuring a loss event typical for their lifestyle and describes the potential follow-up costs. The customer is then asked to estimate how much insurance would cost. By comparing this with lower actual premiums, they realise that it pays off to take out insurance.

Raiffeisen Versicherung has equipped all of its branch advisors with tablets. This allows them to show any potential customers their personal risks. This tool successfully supports the advisor in the sales process. Since then, Raiffeisen Versicherung has significantly increased their market share among the under-30's age group.

Customers are met in their own situation in a playful way. The tool explains their needs in a way that is easy to understand, and without using any complex, technical language.


  • We worked together with insurance specialists and advisors from branch offices to develop the concept in workshops.
  • We then tested the concept on real customers using a prototype and adapted it accordingly.
  • In cooperation with Raiffeisen Versicherung, all advisors were brought on board and trained as needed.

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