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We construct successful products for digital banking and insurance.

We implement projects together with you, from the initial conception and testing right through to the launch.
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you achieve innovative solutions that your customers will love.


Compare over 230 banks and 70 insurance companies with our free comparison tool.


We identify opportunities and quick wins for your company in our complementary workshops on the Finnoscore.

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Together we create and test ideas and implement products quickly and effectively.
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We know how to do this.

Together with Bank Cler, we’ve established the first smartphone bank in Switzerland - developed especially for a young target group. Thanks to our help, Bank Cler Zak has become a digital pioneer and has gained more than 18% new customers in less than two years.
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With us, your
digital competition
will be trailing behind.

We are an innovation consultancy for companies in finance-
and insurance. Together with our customers we build successful
digital banks and insurance companies. In this way, you’ll be able to become a digital competitor yourself.
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