Retail banking is becoming increasingly accessible and free of media disruption

Topics such as accessibility and frictionless online onboarding are gaining in importance for the banks.

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This year, the new Finnoscore is focusing on topics such as omnichannel communication with an emphasis on real-time communication, seamless online onboarding and customer loyalty in the banking world. In addition, many banks have implemented the accessibility measures prescribed by the new Accessibility Act (BFSG) which comes into effect in 2025. Good examples of this can be found in Serbia and Greece.

As Germany ranks third in an international comparison, we took a closer look at the user experience strategies of Sparkasse savings banks and Volksbank cooperative banks.

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The 2023 winner, PKO Bank Polski, defended its position again this year with strong performance in the Mobile Apps, Online Banking and Online Onboarding as well as the Social Media & Community and Price Transparency categories. Hamburger Sparkasse ranks among the top 5 banks for the first time in 2024. With an improved presentation of its benefits, a wide range of contact channels, a sign language option, video consultations and good support for the social media community, it was also able to significantly improve its German ranking.

This year’s winners and losers

Here are the top winners and losers of the Finnoscore Retail Banking 2024:Finnoscore_5_auf_ab_ENG

Omnichannel communication and seamless customer journeys without media disruption are gaining ground

Even though most banks are pursuing various strategies relating to customer focus and communication, we still see a need to catch up.  This is where real-time communication is slowly gaining in importance. 7% of German banks already offer instant video consultations. Swiss banks take responding quickly to customer enquiries seriously. More than half of the Austrian banks also offer the possibility of arranging appointments online.

Designing an efficient and consistent customer journey is crucial. More and more banks are making it possible to open a current account online without having to use the post or go into a branch. A simple authentication process undoubtedly forms part of a modern, seamless user experience.

The Accessibility Act (BFSG) will come into force in 2025

This is why the banks are increasingly focusing on this topic. The aim is to make websites truly accessible to all users and to improve the digital customer experience. Therefore, when planning and designing websites, it is not only digitally savvy users who need to be taken into account. However, only a small proportion (33%) of banks in the DACH region have put web settings in place to improve accessibility.

Finally, here’s an overview of all international and DACH winners of Finnoscore Retail Banking 2024:

Austria’s Erste Bank is once again the winner in the DACH region this year, and also managed to hold its own on the international stage again, coming in second place out of more than 240 banks in 24 countries. PostFinance is the only Swiss bank in the top 10 this year.


Finnoscore Top 10 ENG
Finnoscore Top 5 ENG

What is your take-away from the Finnoscore Retail Banks 2024?

Learn from the best to optimise your own performance. We’ve put together the “ideal retail bank” for you, with the top performers in each Finnoscore 2024 dimension:

Finnoscore e NG ideale bank

If you would like to know how you can implement these findings and the insights of Finnoscore benchmarking for your bank, please contact us and we will be happy to explain the results to you and help you with your optimisations.


Martin Schachinger co-owner of Finnoconsult
Martin Schachinger

Martin Schachinger is the Founder of Finnoconsult and one of the main authors who regularly contributes to the #finnoblog.

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