Neon was the most attractive bank for potential clients last year. How did they manage it? And will they be able to keep their lead?

Deep Dive Series Finnoscore DACH: #2 Attractiveness for potential customers

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Attractiveness for new customers is important.

One of the most important findings of Finnoscore 2021 concerns acquiring new customers: many German banks seem to forget all about new customers online. Only 17% of them have geared their homepages towards attracting new customers. This is even less than the already meagre international average of 24%! These figures are surprising, because for most banks acquiring new customers is an important strategic goal when it comes to maintaining or renewing their customer base. 

Let’s take a look at our best practice example again:

In the DACH region, Neon is the winner in the Finnoscore “attractiveness for potential customers” category. DKB and Comdirekt follow close behind. 

So what is Neon getting right? 

  • Their successful strategy is evident right from their homepage, where you can press on the CTA “Get your Neon”, which takes you to a page where you can open an account. You can see this button immediately and it’s already highlighted – there’s no faster way of engaging new customers.
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  • The buttons for downloading the app from various app stores are prominently positioned in the middle of the homepage.
  • The “Get your Neon” button leads to a very simple explanation of the onboarding process in four steps, and the buttons for downloading the app are again centrally positioned. 
  • It’s only the mobile version that still needs improvement: there, “Get your Neon” is an extra mouse click away in the menu.
  • Anyone interested can scroll down on the homepage and find good reasons to open an account with Neon.
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  • On the menu bar, potential customers can compare the two tariff variants or view the pricing structure quite transparently.
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  • The benefits to new customers are appealingly and compellingly presented in graphic format.
  • All relevant information can be accessed quickly.
  • The design of the site isn’t too cluttered or busy and is completely tailored to the target group.
  • Key visuals support the messages and give the app a persuasive edge. 

Acquiring new customers is essential for banks!

  • In a market with increasing digital competition, acquiring new customers, especially online through the company’s own website, is an important factor.
  • Despite this, it’s mainly neobanks that do well in this category.
  • In addition to Neon, DKB and Comdirekt are also very attractive for new customers online – both are also direct banks.

Branch banks have some catching up to do when it comes to attracting new customers!

Our experience as consultants shows that traditional banks find it difficult to implement concepts like Neon's on their own websites. However, here at Finnoconsult we’re persuaded that traditional banks also need to become more attractive online for new customers – and they can be. 

What can you do to be even better when it comes to addressing new customers?

  • Present an invitation to open an account (CTA) in a prominent position on your website’s homepage.
  • Communicate the advantages of having an account with your bank in a comprehensible, emotionally appealing and transparent way. 
  • Always keep the target group in mind: 
    • Less is more when it comes to the text
    • Key visuals and modern graphic design increase the attractiveness

What happens next?

The new Finnoscore will be published at the end of November – and there’s a surprise in store:
One newcomer has already come out on top in the “attractiveness for potential new customers” category in its first year. 

You don’t want to miss the launch of Finnoscore 2022 and all the information about the winning and losing banks, as well as numerous national and international comparisons, do you? 

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Iulia Bantoiu
Iulia Bantoiu is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Finnoconsult. With more than 13 years of experience in the banking sector, she supports our customers in agile projects as a product owner.

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